Company History 

Thirteen years ago, Bob Erhardt while working for an extended warranty company decided that Canadians deserved a better class of warranty program. Bob was an old-school business person who subscribed to traditional values of quality products and outstanding customer service. To Bob, a handshake was more important than a contract. He set about to create company that treated customers like people and not contract numbers. Where a real person would answer the phone and not a machine. He founded Peoples Choice Warranty LTD.

PCW Founder Bob Erhardt
Bob Erhardt
April 7, 1940 - Feb 4, 2009

All these years later Peoples Choice Warranty is still located in the small town of Ingersoll, Ontario in an office near Bob’s hometown. Though Bob is no longer with us, his son Mark Erhardt and PCW employees have the same core values and strong business ethic. And still, after all this time and exceptional business growth, Peoples Choice Warranty Ltd. prides itself on its commitment to service at the Dealership, sales agent and warranty policy holder levels.  Simply put, it has set us apart from our competitors.  Ingersoll is a small town that contains a big time company, with a big time commitment to servicing.  That simple philosophy has made us grow.  We will never deviate from it.

PCW has grown to service more than 400 Automotive dealers across Ontario and Atlantic Canada who reflect the same business approach that we do.  A true compassion and business acumen to realize the value of personalized service at a time of crisis, a warranty claim.  Our warranties are recognized by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) and the Used Car Dealers Association (UCDA) of Ontario and are fully insured by Industrial Alliance Insurance Company which has an AM Best rating of A+.  That rating typifies our commitment to both Dealer and Warranty Holder customer relations 

For more information about Peoples Choice Warranty, give our office a call at 888-284-2356.



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